Purebred Double Maned Pedigreed Lionheads. Pets and Showable babies available. Pedigrees available if wanted. Lots of colors to choose from. Some blue eyed babies also. Will be about 3 Lbs when full grown. Purebred American Fuzzy Lops. Pet and Showable babies available. Pedigrees available if wanted. They will be about 3.5 lbs when full grown. All babies are well tempered and have been handled ...
Purebred Lionhead Baby Bunnies Pedigrees available if needed. I have both Show Quality and the Rarer unshowable colors also. Blue Eyed White, Viennas, Smoke Pearl, Siamese Sable, Red Eyed White, Harlequin, Magpie, Blue, Blue Tort, Black Tort, Brokens,Seals and blacks.. They are Double Maned and out of Quality Parents and Lines. I am located in Northern California but i have transport throughout...
Purebred Double Maned Lionhead Bunnies Lots of Colors to Choose from Pet and Show Quality . Pedigrees available if needed More available than whats pictured here. roadieroorabbits.weebly.com/for-sale.html Transport Available Throughout California. Possibly willing to trade with other breeders.
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